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TROHESTAR Long Range Barcode Scanner, 2D Android 11.0 Scanner with Zebra 4750MR Scanner, IP67 Rugged Android Barcode Scanner NFC

$577.98 $999.98
Valutazione: 5.0 su 5.0
  • [Long Scan Range]:  you may need to stand on tiptoe and get off the forklift to scan the barcode you want. But when you buy this new model, you DON'T NEED to do that. This extended range barcode scanner can allow you to be free from this matter. That means you can decode the barcode above your head and scan the barcode sitting in your driving position. 2D Zebra 4750MR scanner can ensure its fast and accurate quality of scanning.
  • [6700mAh Battery]: 3.5 hours charging time is for over 12 hours continuous scanning work. This 2D android scanner powered by a 6700mAh removable battery supports “Quick Charge 3.0” and RTC; a Built-in 100mAh backup battery enables this zebra scanner to support “battery hot swap”, improving reliability and ensuring user data security. 
  • [Android 11.0 OS]: If you want to download the new version of apps to reduce the spy software, now you need an upgraded Android 11.0 OS, which can allow you to update your apps. In the meantime, this device has gained the license for GMS. That means you can directly download and update your apps from Google Play and Google Store. Please note that we could help you test you apps before you purchase in bulk.
  • [Durable and Rock Solid]: Rugged-Designed for the industrial environment, this android barcode scanner can cater to your harsh use, and withstand multiple 1.8 m / 5.9 ft. drops (at least 20 times) to the concrete across the operating temperature. Besides, this Zebra barcode scanner is IP67 sealed against water and dust exposure which it might be subject to in the harsh use case.
  • [Ergonomic Pistol Grip]: You can hold and use this 2D android scanner as simple as a regular scanner gun with this ergonomic pistol grip. And you just pull the trigger to scan the bar codes only if you want. The pistol grip design is more ideal for scanning work no matter what the size of your hands is. [Important] Please use the original charger otherwise the machine will not be charged or even be damaged.

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Tieni presente che i prodotti 1D non possono eseguire la scansione dei codici schermo, mentre il 2D può

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Grazie per aver scelto il nostro lettore di codici a barre Trohestar, collegare lo scanner all'interfaccia USB del computer o all'alimentazione dell'interfaccia USB da 5 V CC per la ricarica.

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